• Chocolate
  • Vitamins
  • Coffee


Le Whif is a new delicious approach to eating by breathing. With Le Whif, we inhale food like chocolate, into our mouths and taste it, without chewing at all. Eating simply becomes an experience of flavor without a single calorie.


People have been whiffing around the world since May 2009. Over forty thousand whiffing experiences in 32 countries - and here is what we hear: Whiffing chocolate is happening with a cup of coffee, in a Paris restaurant, during a cab ride in New York, standing in a line, in Tokyo, and at dinner tables and parties around the world. It is easy, fun, light - and, yes it is delicious!


When you place Le Whif between your lips, and berth in gently, the particles are picked up by the air stream, enter your mouth, and fall onto your tongue. you puff, as if to breathe, and suddenly you have an experience of flavor.