Plant Trees

Looking for outdoor fun with a purpose? Join other Trees for Humanity volunteers to plant trees in local parks, along city streets, on school campuses and in the mountains around your area.

Tree plantings are a great way to get exercise and meet people who share your desire to heal our urban environment. Every new tree helps beautify the region, protect our water resources and improve our air quality.

When Do Tree Plantings Take Place?

Excessive heat can injure newly-planted trees so we schedule plantings from fall through spring. Visit our calendar to register for upcoming planting events.

Bring your family, friends and coworkers. No experience is necessary and all are ages welcome unless otherwise noted. We provide the tools and training so all you have to do is show up!

Organize A Tree Planting In Your Local Community

Trees for Humanity needs motivated community members like you to organize your own tree plantings. We have everything you need to get started as a Citizen Forester, including free training and decades of community organizing experience.

Care for Trees

Trees benefit our cities and towns the most when they're healthy and mature. Unfortunately, in the United States, high temperatures, low humidity and parched soils can threaten young, newly planted trees. The average life expectancy of an urban tree is only seven years! That's why tree care is vital to the work we do.

Join Trees for Humanity in maintaining the trees we've planted so we can protect the trees from environmental stress and increase their chances of surviving and thriving. Volunteers learn by doing at our tree care events. Tasks include watering, weeding, applying mulch and pruning.

When Do Tree Care Events Take Place?

While tree care is important year round, many of our tree care events happen in the summer. That's when young trees need extra care.

Check out our calendar to sign up for upcoming tree care events. Bring your family, friends and coworkers. No experience necessary and all ages welcome unless otherwise noted. We provide all tools and training!

Volunteer As A Group

If you're part of a group, organization or business, Trees for Humanity welcomes you to volunteer at our tree plantings, tree care events and park work days if space is available.

This is a great opportunity for team building and boosting morale, while doing something beneficial for our environment. As with all our volunteer opportunities, we provide the tools and training. Check our calendar for upcoming events.

Groups 10 or less can register individually on the website. For groups 10 or more, contact Keith McAleer at volunteer@treesforhumanity.org or (415) 623-4879 to make sure there is room for your group and to register your group for an event. For pre-registration, complete our group registration form and email to volunteer@treepeople.org.

All minors under the age of 18 that are attending an event without a parent must have the parental consent form completed and turned in at the event.

Outreach to Your Community

Are you outgoing and friendly? Are you passionate about the environment and the work we do at Trees for Humanity? Do you enjoy attending social gatherings like festivals, concerts, street fairs and other community events?

If you answered yes, we invite you to join our Community Engagement team and become an ambassador for Trees for Humanity. You'll share information about our programs and volunteer opportunities at outreach events all over California.

Help inspire local communities to support Trees for Humanity's vision for a sustainable future. For more information contact Torin Dunnavant at outreach@treesforhumanity.org or (415) 623-4866.

Become A Volunteer Leader

Trees for Humanity could not do our work without the assistance of volunteer leaders. Our volunteer leaders go the extra mile by providing the instruction and inspiration to make our work successful. If you're a natural leader or you want to develop your leadership skills, this may be your calling.

  • City Restoration Supervisor
  • Citizen Forester
  • San Francisco Mountain Restoration Supervisor
  • Teen Leader
  • Citizen Arborist
  • Volunteer Supervisor